About Us

About MayorMail  

MayorMail ( is Roy Mayor Concept/Initiative. It was created in 2017 by this young man. It came about as a result of my love for our country, to carter for the needs of the World in free stuffs like music, music videos, comedies and other entertainment, HOW TOs and to serve as an Information Avenue. The young tech savvy has since then contributed to the growth and development of the Internet in World and to Nigeria as a Nation. Feel free to surf around the site to get anything you want/looking for.

 Our Vision 

We hope to become the world's Number one spot when it comes to Music, Video, Comedies and other Entertainment stuffs, HOW TOs, Tech, Tweaks and more other stuff we offer. 

 Invite your friends and enemies here as we have alot to offer! Don't be stingy please. 

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