5 Recommended Casio Watch Models Most Suitable for Men

Casio G-Shock
For a man, a watch is no longer a timepiece but also an accessory that makes you look cooler and more charming. In order for the appearance to be cooler, you should have a watch according to your personality. There are many watch brands sold in the market, one of which is the Casio brand.

Recommended Casio Watches Most Suitable for Men

Casio is one of the best watch brands today. Where the brand already has many models on the market. Here are 5 recommended Casio watch models most suitable for men and their prices.

#1 | Pro Trek WSD-F20

Pro Trek WSD-F20
The Protrek model from the watch brand is sold at $500. This watch is perfect for nature lovers who like to explore nature. This watch is not only used to show time, but also has other functions such as a barometer, compass, altimeter and tide chart.

Pro Trek WSD-F20 is equipped with my graph which is useful for recording your daily activities. These activities include burning calories, running, walking, activity time and the number of steps. Although it has many functions, this watch has a very simple display and has a battery that can be recharged with a usage time of up to 2 days.

#2 | Edifice 

Casio Edifice
For those of you who like to travel for holidays or office assignments, it is recommended to use the Edifice model watch. This is because Edifice is equipped with a dual time feature which is useful to help find out the time in your hometown. This clock setting can be done easily and practically only through the Casio application which can be downloaded on a Smartphone.

This model's watch has a solar-type so users don't need to be afraid of running out of battery while travelling. In addition, Edifice is also equipped with a tachymeter feature that is useful for calculating speed based on travel time or measuring distance based on speed. The price of the Casio Edifice watch is $190.

#3 | G-Shock Mudmaster

G-Shock Mudmaster
As is well known, watches have many functions. For those of you who like extreme sports like offroad racing, it is recommended to use the G-Shock Mudmaster watch. This watch is coated with a construction to keep the inside safe from dirt. In addition, the screen is equipped with LED lights so that the light is very bright.

Not only does it have a tough design, but this watch is also equipped with a thermometer feature so you can find out the temperature around you. There is also a compass feature that helps you determine the direction. Interestingly, this clock also has an alarm feature, the alarm feature will sound before the battery runs out so it won't run out of battery. The G-Shock Mudmaster watch is sold for $350.

#4 | Lineage

Casio Lineage
This Casio Lineage watch is perfect for those of you who like a simple look but still elegant and charming. This watch has a classic look because it is not equipped with many decorations.

Even though the watch face is very classic, it does not mean that it is not equipped with complete features. Lineage is equipped with complete features such as Multi-Band 6. Tough Solar and so on. This watch is sold at $280.

#5 | Enticer Gent's

Enticer Gent's
Unlike the previous model, the Enticer Gents' watch is sold at a very affordable price of IDR 301,000. This watch is perfect for male students who like a classic and classy look. The classic impression of the Enticer Gents can be seen from the leather strap.

This watch is very suitable for use when going to college, school or working in the office. Even though it is sold at a very affordable price, this watch is equipped with a date feature so you can remember the date every day.

Those are the recommendations for the 5 most suitable Casio watch choices for men. Hopefully the watch choices mentioned above can help those of you who are confused about choosing what watch is suitable to support your appearance.
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