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Must Read: Joint Action Committee Of Ssanu, Naat, And Nasu ➖ University Of Lagos

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Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe
   Threats to lives and harassment of the leaders of the non-teaching staff unions of the university of Lagos by the management of the university led by Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe resulting from the involvement of the unions in the ongoing industrial action embarked upon by the national body of the joint action committees of the non-teaching staff unions of nigeria universities.

We hereby bring to the notice of the members of the joint union and the general public that, due to the participation of the University of Lagos Branch in the ongoing industrial strike action called by the national body of the non-teaching staff unions of the Nigerian Universities, as a result of the imbalance and injustice in the sharing of the money released to Nigerian Universities by the Federal Government for the payment of the staff earned allowance, there has been series of intimidation, harassment, blackmail and threats to the lives of the leaders  of the unions  by the Management of the University of Lagos led by Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe.

It has come to notice that the Management of the University of Lagos, in its attempt to frustrate the ongoing peaceful national strike at the local branch has employed coercion by way of intimidation of members of the unions, especially those in Admission Office, School of Postgraduate Studies, Students Affairs, to go back to work; thereby infringing on their right. The management, having failed to get majority of the staff members in other units back to work, has decided to see to the arrest or abduction of the unions’ leaders, believing that doing so will put an end to the strike in the University abruptly.  Hence, the management has embarked on uncivilized approaches to conflict resolution, like use of blackmail of the union leaders and subsequent employment of the police whom they have furnished with the GSM numbers of the unions leaders, and who are now on the prowl of the leaders whose GSM numbers are being tracked for their possible arrest.

We refer to our earlier Press Releases, especially that of 10th January, 2018. We salute the resolve, courage and unflinching support of members of our unions and their leaders, as we have been patient and law-abiding since the commencement of the ongoing national strike, even in the face of the Management’s blatant breach of agreement earlier reached with us, besides the increasing open provocation of our unions by the Management.  Nevertheless, it is the determination of our unions to remain law abiding, loyal and undaunted till the national body of the Unions calls off the strike.

We have been reliably informed that the Management of the University of Lagos is attempting to force members of our Union to sabotage and call off the National Strike that was called by National JAC (SSANU, NAAT and NASU). Our members should further take notice that it is only the National JAC (SSANU, NAAT and NASU) who called for the strike ab initio has the authority and the locus standi to call off the strike.

Members should therefore disregard and disabuse their minds towards any effort made by the University Management to call off the strike without hearing from National JAC (SSANU, NAAT and NASU) through the branch Unions. 

Members of our unions are therefore enjoined to remain law abiding, but unflinching in their loyalty to the national body of JAC.  You can rest assured that necessary plans have been put in place to see that there is no vacuum in the leadership of the unions, in case of arrest of the present leaders.

We wish also to put it on records that the ongoing strike is an agitation by our national unions with the Federal Government to correct the wrong done to us; therefore, it is surprising that the Management of the University of Lagos is striving to localize it, crying more than the bereaved.

Nonetheless, we wish to state unequivocally that our unions are ready to work with the University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe. It is however, not certain if he wants to work with our unions. We hope our relationship will not degenerate to the point where we would be left with no other option than to approach the necessary authorities for a change. Apparently, the Vice Chancellor is being misled or incited against our unions by his foes who pretend to be friend who may be keenly interested in his office; thereby trying to goad him to an early failure to pave way for their inordinate ambition.

Our humble advice is that the Vice Chancellor should strive to create a work environment conducive to harmonious relationship between all unions and stakeholders  of the University, and jettison the idea of possible infiltration of our ranks, or getting our leaders arrested or abducted; for doing either will do the university no good.

Long Live JAC of SSANU, NAAT and NASU

Long Live University of Lagos

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Signed: 📝

Ag. Chairman SSANU
Chairman NASU
Chairman NAAT

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