Thursday, 9 November 2017

4 Things Women Should Know About Guys

Things women should know about guys but don’t

Guys usually admit that understanding we females is quite difficult, well truth be told we have lots of complexities that make us seem more like a big puzzle to guys. Funny enough, we ladies also find it difficult sometimes to understand our significant other and this indicates that guys are just as difficult to understand as we ladies.

Fortunately enough there are some tips that tell us more a guy’s feelings and then understanding their actions and words becomes a piece of cake.

Guys keep their weaknesses holed up inside

Sure, they express their feelings and emotions through their words and actions but show their weakness? Nope, that’s something they wouldn’t be doing any soon. Guys aren’t the type to open up completely to a woman except on rare occasions and you’ll be shocked into silence when they finally do.

They’d rather fix your problems than listen to it

Don’t get yourself unnecessarily worried when your man doesn’t seem to lend a listening ear to your worries. He’s actually with you, all he wants you to do is mention what you want fixed and he’ll do that right away.

Guys love compliments also

When was the last time you gave your man an honest compliment about his looks? Don’t just be on the receiving end, shower your man with compliments also and show just how much you adore him.

Guys love their space

While in a relationship understand that your man needs a Me-time just like you do, give him that even without him asking. Being alone once in a while is their own way of chilling out.

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