Saturday, 7 October 2017

Why Our Parents’ Marriages Didn’t Fail

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There are a lot of lessons to be learned from our parents’ marriages.

Some of us may say that our parents’ were not particularly happy with each other. It is true that some of them only tolerated each other but then many of us also have unrealistic notions of love, courtesy of Hollywood.

A number of our parents have stuck it out in unhappy marriages mainly because divorce was a taboo and they didn’t want tongues to wag to make them social outcasts or because of the kids. So yes, their marriages may not have been exactly picture-perfect but one beautiful thing is that they stuck it out. If you are true to yourself, you would even agree that there were moments of tenderness you witnessed between your parents. There was a level of assurance you had every day as you returned from school that you were going back to a stable, rock-steady home in spite of the times didn’t go smoothly.

Yet, isn’t that what marriage is all about? A mix of good and bad experiences handles gracefully. Thus, permit me to draw an example from most of our parents’ marriages. The reason a good number of them didn’t fail is because they recognized that love is not enough. There has to be a conscious decision to make it work. Divorce was never seen as an option.

Today, we want everything on a platter of gold and at the first sign of trouble, we take the easy way out. Our parents knew how to be consistent and do all it took to give their children a proper home. Many of us don’t even have our priorities straight in marriage.

Quit quitting and decide today to stick it out. That’s what makes it marriage.

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