Monday, 9 October 2017

Watch Video: Princess Vitarah declares she wants to f*ck Donald Trump

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The US-based Nigerian singer by the name Princes Vitarah? She’s that controversial singer who only sings about pussy and fucking. Can you guess what she did this time? She just revealed a new hit in which she repeatedly revealed her intention to get laid by US president Donald Trump. In the video, she’s seen making a spectacle of Trump.

She had her video guy make a good cartoon video of Donald Trump lusting after her pussy and making every effort to have a piece of it while she liberally opened up to the controversial president to have his way. Just that at the end, the president lost his breath in the process, giving authentication to the singer’s claim that her pussy kills niggas.

Princess Vitarah blatantly made known that she’s tired of fucking black men, hence her desire to get laid by Donald Trump. In her opinion, Donald Trump is the most qualified white guy to gain access to her life-taking honeypot.

In order words, she is on the verge of sending Donald Trump 6 feet below, but only after she’s had him on her inside. She declared that the Secret Service will excuse her when she visits the White House to see the President who will waste no time in grabbing her by the Pussy. I know you sure have what to say about this. Please air it out!


Nerdy Rockson delete 13 October 2017 at 11:18

This girl is a disgrace to Nigeria



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