Friday, 13 October 2017

There Are Footprints In The Sky - By Adegoke Tolulope A. [Spoken Word Poetry]

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Adegoke Tolulope A.suffice to say that:
"The sky is the ground [foundation] of CHAMPIONS! The sky isn't the limit, but the beginning... Be fearless, faithful, tenacious, be grateful to be graceful! You have a goal to achieve, a destiny to reach, and a purpose to fulfil- do not toy away! For it is abnormal to be normal [ordinary]. Therefore, stay ab[ove] normal, because your comfort zone[s] will not give you [much] results [there is no growth there]."

This is a highly thought provoking Spoken Word Poetry, featuring very scintillating choral arrangement. It will surely transform you, and transit you to the peak of your [ordained] best without limit- by truly awakening and launching the GIANT within you as a global SOLUTION in your line of purpose, for the fulfilment of DESTINY.

Honestly, God has been so gracious to have created M[ade]A[bove]N[ature] beyond certain limitations [ordinariness]... He expects us to continually soar higher like Eagles, rather than flapping like chickens, which restricts an entity from reaching full potentials!

It is abnormal to be normal [ordinary]. So, we all have our individual roles to play towards building our castles in the sky with the stones thrown at us by mockers who have not even found their bearings on the ground...

Only the bold, the fearless, the indefatigable, the faithful, the humble, the graceful and grateful would thrive with wings and strengths to soar into it [the sky], then breakthrough! There is a life beyond the sky... The sky is in layers! The humbler you are, the stronger you would be...The stronger you become, the higher you will soar...Your strength lies in your obedience to the 'tiny still voice'...Stay focused on the world beyond your limits! You are stronger than you think!

You have a goal to achieve, a purpose to fulfil, so do not toy away!

There are footprints in the sky..!
You are not exempted, you can make it there too, but it must start from your within!

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