Saturday, 7 October 2017

Fashion Items That Secretly Affect Your Health

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It’s surprising to note that certain fashion items that make up our daily look could end up harming our health in so many ways we aren’t aware of. We all know about high heels causing pain to the ankles, nerve, and foot; but do you know that there are certain fashion accessories that look harmless at first glance but are actually capable of causing you harm! Here check them out.

Skinny jeans

Before hopping into that pair of skin-tight jeans, know that they pose a threat to your health. Asides from restricting free movement they also hinder blood circulation, numbness, and pain in the thighs. Instead, opt for a looser fit that will look good on you and make you feel good about yourself!


Almost every male in the white-collar industry use this fashion piece on a daily basis, as useful as it might be in accentuating their corporate outfit there are some cons attached to the consistent use of it. Tight tie knots could reduce blood circulation, cause headaches, tension in the back and shoulders and also limit neck movement.

Extra-large handbags

Carrying an oversized bag surely has its disadvantages, due to all the stuff crammed inside you are bound to experience muscle pain and discomfort from hefting that oversized bag on a single shoulder.

Straight/Pencil skirts

Those straight skirts we ladies seem to love so much does many things in making us feel uncomfortable. For starters, they limit movement then keep our legs too close to each other thereby increasing the chances of tripping while walking. Wearing pencil skirts on a regular basis could lead to muscle strains and knee malformations.

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