Monday, 9 October 2017

3 Things you should never say to your kids

As parents, our kids look up to us all the time and what we say or don’t say affects them either negatively or positively. Since children don’t exactly come with a ‘user’s manual’ when they are given birth to, hence it’s essential to learn as parents about grooming them up to be better adults and that starts from keeping a check on the choice of words while around them. While working on being a better parent for your kids and making them develop good morals, here are some words you should never utter to your kids.

You should listen to adults

Right, kids should listen to adults but do you know this extends to strangers also? Avoid the use of this phrase while talking to your kids instead try a more effective approach like ‘you should listen to your parents’.

We’ll talk at home

There, your little one did something wrong outside the home and then the next thing you say is ‘we’ll talk at home’. That phrase will get your child scared about the idea of going home to hear your ranting then get scolded, soon enough they’ll attribute the home to where they get punished.

You’re so shy

Never label your kids with negative words, even if you have a child who’s clumsy, shy or lazy don’t tell that to his face. He/she will only believe those negative words and that don’t help matters, try to help them work on their faults and flaws instead.

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