Thursday, 6 July 2017

6 Blunders You Did Not Notice In Davido's Hit Single “IF”

Davido’s “if” is a great song, a bombshell hit song which has been topping major African charts.

But many of you most definitely failed to noticed some little mistakes that occurred in the song, not that this mistakes are negative but they further made the song the perfect hit it is. Based on who Davido is, anyways.

1. The beat was long cooked before Davido got his lyrics complete, though it was perfectly cooked ti Davido’s taste but you guys will not believe that the fans most favorite part “30 billion for the account” was not part of the written down lyrics but a brilliant cover up by Davido.

2. “Girl you are beautifultu”
The “Beautifultu” in the line was just beautiful that was elongated to make rhymes with the succeeding lines and to better key with the beat. For if not, whatever”beautifultu” means, who knows?

3. See me”burukutu”
Well, guess that’s doesn’t make much sense as in “See me burukutu” was he trying to say “he’s drunk with burukutu or something, if so it’s incomprehensible the way he put it.

4. And ” For your love e tutu”.
“Tutu” is a word in Yoruba which means “cold”. Well anyone can tell y’all a cold love ain’t no love at all. A love gone cold. It should rather be hot. Ask Tiwa Savage “Ife wa gbona”

5. ” O baby carry sense o”
Carry sense or make sense? Well carry sense as a pidgin can actually being use as being sensible which is different from “Make sense” which can be use almost anyhow and still goes right.

6. “What is up to you?”
There’s no word like that in English Language. Examples of correct usages are “What are you up to” “What are you up for” and so on

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