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Read: How To Save WhatsApp Status Pictures And Videos

author photo is  100% certain that majority of you may have been pondering on how this will be possible without the use of screenshot and clearly screenshot can't be a choice to the video perspective.

Here will give you steps on how you can effectively view saved whatsapp pictures and videos on your phone.

Just like Snapchat, Whatsapp live status feature allows you to upload a short video, picture and even animation GIF. Status are seen instantly by your contacts and remains there for 24 hours, after which, it will disappear permanently.

Interesting pictures and short videos are uploaded by Whatsapp contacts, however you can just view them yet can't download them to your gadget. The only way for you to get that interesting pictures or videos is to ask the contact to send you the original picture or video through chat. However, you can now save those statuses permanently in your gadget gallery without asking your contact to Share you the videos or pictures.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos

1. Open your WhatsApp and go to the Status you want to copy and make sure that you view it completely. If it is a video clip, make sure that you watch the video completely..

2. Go to File Manager on your phone

3. Open the SD card Storage and locate the “WhatsApp” folder

4. On the WhatsApp folder, locate “Media” folder
i.e SD card >> WhatsApp >> Media

5. Press the Option button which is usually 3 dots (depending on phone make)

6. You will see “Show hidden files” tap on it.

7.When you do that, another folder ".Statuses" will show up at the top, that is the place all media shared on WhatsApp status are put away for 24 hours.

8. So what you do now is to open the folder, select and copy the ones you wish to keep to another folder (either your photos or videos folders) on your SD card.

9. They will immediately appear on your Gallery and will never disappear unless you choose to delete them.

That is all friends and family. Hope this spares you the stress  of informing your contact always to share you their Whatsapp Statuses pictures and videos?

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Ylek delete 20 March 2018 at 07:20

Awesome boss. I used to think they can be only be saved through apps. Thanks for sharing

Mayor Mail delete 15 August 2018 at 12:51

You are welcome Ylek Tanz for reading



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