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UNIOSUN Best Graduating Student Reveals Secret Behind His Excellent Academic Performance

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The best graduating student of the Osun State University, Osogbo, Mr. Mubarak Opeyemi Thanni, has revealed the secret behind his excellent academic performance. 

Thanni said he sacrificed his social life throughout his undergraduate days in order to come out with the best grades. He revealed this during the 6th Convocation ceremony of the university, in Osogbo, Thanni.

The graduate of Civil Engineering who was announced as the best graduating student of the 2016/2017 set with 4.77 Cumulative Grade Point Average said that whenever he got B in any of his courses, he always felt as if he had failed the course.

He revealed the details in an interview with Amiloaded and said: “First the secret of my success is Almighty Allah. Two, dedication. Three, my family. Four, my colleagues and five, my illustrious lecturers.

“I said God because I never knew I would make a first class until the penultimate year (fourth year), and of course, I never thought I would be the Best Graduating Student with 4.77 Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is a surprise to me, too.

“Two, it is dedication because the academic pursuit took away my social life. It is either A or nothing else. Whenever I got B, it’s as if I had failed the course.

"This is additionally not detached with the guarantee I made to my folks after my prompt senior sibling, who was then an understudy of the Lagos State University, was slaughtered by a stray slug from a cop in Lagos while he was coming back from a bursary work out. I was in SS3 then and I told my folks I would attempt my best to compensate for the misfortune as much I could. 

"Three, it is my folks since they never questioned me and were dependably there to give me whatever was required. Four, my partners with whom we used to do instructional exercises together. I showed them similarly as they showed me. The relationship was commonly helpful. When I got to this school, I was fortunate to meet incredible individuals. Some of them are my first flat mate, Abdullah Lookman; Iyiola Akanji, Tijani Akanji, among others. 

"At long last, my speakers. They did their best to bring the best out of us. I can always remember them. They are more than educators. I can't specify every one of them, yet I without a doubt can't overlook Dr. Bello and Dr. Olawale. They are genuine fathers."

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