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See Church Where Members Drink Beer to Cast Out Demons (Photos+Video)

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A Congolese church has created extreme contention after it was discovered that it guaranteed to utilized cast out devils in the drinking of lager.

It has been uncovered that there is a congregation in Congo, where individuals drink brew to cast out evil spirits in them. It was assembled that the individuals from Louzolo Amour church, call the lager drinking session, "biĆ©ramicine" which implies a blend of brew and confidence. 

The congregation was established by Guy Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo, who broadcasted himself God, and cases to be undetectable by his supporters. He is spoken to on earth by the present pioneer of the congregation called Charles Mikoungui Loundou. 

"What we need to impart to the world, is that we found a man who has the three attributes of God, inescapable, supreme and omniscient. That man is Guy Emile loufoua Cetikouabo. He was conceived without a navel, and that resists science," a congregation part, Charles Mikoungui Loundou said. 

This congregation constructs its convention with respect to the utilization of brew which they accept can be utilized to purify underhanded spirits. The dedicated call this blend of brew and confidence, "biƩramicine".
Administrations which last up to 9 hours are committed to the mending of souls and bodies with tastes of lager and acclaim. 

Individuals originate from all kinds of different backgrounds for the most part to look for a prompt answer for every one of their shades of malice. 

"I touched base here wiped out, sibling Mikoungui gave me a container of brew, I drank a first taste, and a moment, at the third one, I went into a stupor, I then could rest easy," an adherent, Kondi Jean-Jacques, admitted. 

"I trust brew can recuperate, on the off chance that you drink it with confidence" he included. 

Today, around 5,000 individuals go to this congregation that extends the nation over. 

Its prevalence in the Congolese society is progressively developing, with specialists apparently not able to control its exercises. 

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