Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Music: DammyGold – Ariwo. Prod. By Sess.

DammyGold is an Afro-Pop singer/ Rap Artist, also a PRO graphics Designer. DammyGold has been around for awhile he is here again with with a world class another dope Sound Titled: ARIWO Prod. by Sess (the problemKid). Download Listen And Enjoy.

DammyGold – Ariwo.Mp3

Song Name: ARIWO

Singer Name: DammyGold

Singer Contact: instagram: @iamdammygold Twitter:@iamdammygold


Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Who the heck is Prof Adeolu Durotoye? Facebook user ask

A facebook user with the name Olagunju Aderemi revealed what he has gathered about the person of Prof. Adeolu Durotoye.

Here is what he wrote

To cut the long story short and make the short story very brief, I’ll start by stating that I DO NOT know Prof Adeolu Durotoye in person, I have NEVER met him and I am not keen to meet him right now. So My opinion and analysis are purely based on factual evidences and not any form of sentiment, as I have nothing to gain. The first time I saw Prof Adeolu Durotoye’s posters was a couple of months ago along Igbona road in osogbo and that day I said to myself “who’s this guy just wasting his time and money?” I finally concluded in
my mind that this Prof. Adeolu Durotoye is just an attention seeker, or at best somebody who is trying to negotiate a lesser position as many politicians do. Little did I know that I had just judged
the man wrongly. A few days after I saw Prof Durotoye’s posters, I stumbled on him during a radio interview on RAVE FM where he was discussing his vision, proposition and manifestos and his strategy to take Osun to a greater height if he eventually becomes governor of Osun state.

Throughout the rave FM interview, Prof, Durotoye was fantastic in the way
he presented and defended his manifestos, but I was not still convinced
that the man is a serious governorship candidate. Fortunately for me I
heard him again during a debate /interview on Unique FM with the current
APC chairman in Osun where he proved himself more to me that he actually
understands the business of governance but I had some elements of doubts

Before the end of the said interview the APC chairman said something
that surprised me about Prof Adeolu Durotoye. The APC chairman in his words
said “I know Prof Durotoye very WELL, he’s a good man, and the right candidate that can take Osun to greater heights,but he belongs to the wrong party,
the PDP”.

Whether the PDP is a wrong party or not is subjudice and I don’t want to delve into that but the positives in the APC chairman’s remarks is that Prof Durotoye is a good and credible candidate without blemish.

Nowif the APC chairman can say this about a PDP GUBERNATORIAL ASPIRANT, what other conviction do I need?
As from that point I started to follow Prof. Durotoye’s activities on social, print and electronic media and I noticed that he is making tremendous progress and meeting with party leaders leaving no stone unturned. Hardly would a week go bye that Prof. Durotoye would not be in
the news for positive reasons. He has also met with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the Ooni of Ife, the Ataoja of Osogbo and numerous other political and traditional rulers. All of these convinced me that Prof Adeolu Durotoye is a serious contender in the Osun 2018 governorship election and also he’s not just an attention seeker, so I searched for his profile and wow, it was fantastic. I immediately realized that this is the kind of candidate that can win elections for the PDP at
this crucial time.


Prof. Adeolu Durotoye is the link between the YOUNG and the OLD, as he is
just 48yrs old. Prof Adeolu Durotoye does not have any stains on his NAME,
he is the kind of technocrat that people would embrace without stress, another advantage is also that he hails from OSOGBO, the state capital that has very high voting power, where the governorship
election is won and lost.

Over 25% of all votes cast in the 2014 election was from OSOGBO. OMISORE
lost the elections with about 100k votes, which close to 60k votes against
him came from OSOGBO. This means that if the PDP were to present an Osogbo
credible indegene like Prof. Adeolu Durotoye for the 2018 governorship
election, osogbo indegenes would vote en mass for their SON, because they have
no realistic chance of ruling Osun for the next 16years and it’s an aberration if Osogbo is not given a chance NOW.

Prof. Adeolu Durotoye is the best candidate in the Osun governorship race right now, and the PDP should take advantage of this golden opportunity to return to power in the state and also to save the masses from the shackle of oppression, hunger and abject poverty, AJELE has put them through.

Prof. Adeolu Durotoye is globally exposed and locally bred, he has seen it all. According to Prof. Adeolu Durotoye
“good governance is 80% economics and 20% politics" 
This is the kind of governor Osun state needs right now. The most catchy of his manifestos is the promise of 200k jobs in the first 12months of his administration as Osun state governor. 200k gainful employment would go a long way in reviving the almost redundant economy of OUR DEAR OSUN STATE.

FINALLY, I must state again that I have never met Prof. Adeolu Durotoye,
and I am not in any way close to him and also not keen to meet him right
now, so my humble opinion is based on the premise of undisputable facts. NO
are waiting on the PDP to come rescue us, and the PDP must come with the right candidate because we do not want to go from fry pan to fire.



Monday, 19 March 2018

Android set to block apps built for Android 4.1 or lower versions with ANDROID P

As per a report by Android Police, it is believed that Android P will have a feature, which will let Google block applications built for the dated Android 4.1 Jellybean OS or lower from running. Apparently, the smartphones running Android P might mot run very old apps. If you are running any old apps on your smartphone, then you need to think if you should upgrade the device to Android P once the update hits your device

Google Play Store has millions of applications and a whole lot of them would not have received an update since the time of their release. Probably, many apps might not have been updated for years together. There are possibilities for the developers to have forsaken these apps or these apps are simple enough to work despite the updates being rolled out to Android. The Android P update is believed to change this scenario.
While there is no clarity on why Android P will bring about this change and block the old apps from functioning, there is a possibility for the same to be aimed at reducing the security vulnerabilities or exploits. Many apps are functional could be prone to security vulnerabilities and these issues will be fixed with updates.
Another probable reason is that the old apps built for Android 4.1 Jellybean or older versions of the OS will not be optimized for the current-day smartphones with full-screen design, 18:9 displays, and other features. Anyways, we need to wait to get an official confirmation from Google regarding the Android P's support for the old and outdated applications.
Notably, Google is not the only company to put an end to supporting old and dated applications with the latest version of its operating system. Previously, Apple had mandated that developers update their applications to 64-bit in order to remain in the iTunes app store. Currently, Android P developer preview version is available and it is likely to be released to the compatible devices by the end of this year.

Source: GIZBOT

Thursday, 15 March 2018

🎧 Music: Olamide – “C.Ronaldo” Prod. By ID Cabasa

Music Olamide C.Ronaldo Prod By ID Cabasa 

Olamide” might just be the “C Ronaldo” of the Nigerian music industry as he releases yet another prospective hit in 2018.

After dropping the viral record titled ‘ Science Student‘ which went on to top music charts for several months and a notable freestyle dubbed ‘Omo Ologo ‘, YBNL’s front line artist and CEO, Olamide adds another feather to his cap with this new record titled “C.Ronaldo ” produced by veteran on the keys, ID Cabasa.

Quotable Lyrics:
Emi C.Ronaldo, Ronaldo
F’ese shawole bi C Ronaldo, Ronaldo
Emi C.Ronaldo, Ronaldo
F’ori gbewole bi C Ronaldo, Ronaldo

Share and cop the download below...

Download Olamide C.Ronlado

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Sad Story Of Legendary Comedian Who Died Just 2 Days After Marrying His Partner Of 40 Years (Photos)

Sir Ken and Anne had been together for 40 years (Picture: PA)

My Police Husband Locked Me In Cell For Six Days - Wife Cries Out

An Enugu State High Court on Monday gave Kyrian Ibe, a policeman, and his wife, Lilian, till May 28 to settle their marital differences.

Lilian had urged the court to dissolve their eight-year marriage for alleged maltreatment of the husband.

The petitioner also begged the court to award her custody of their four-year-old son held hostage by her husband.

She told the court that her husband, a policeman was maltreating her, adding that he locked her up in police custody for six days for no reason and took their son.

“My son is in the custody of his brother, Philip, and he also locked me up in the police cell for six days without cause,” he said.

Ibe, in his response, had told the court that his wife was not submissive.

He said his wife had been having extra-marital affairs, adding that this led to her arrest and detention by the police.

“She left my house for another man’s house and I led some policemen and arrested her,’’ he said.

The respondent said that he still loved his wife and was ready for reconciliation to ensure that his family got back to its original state.

The judge, Justice Afamefuna Nwobodo, asked Lilian if she was ready to let her matrimonial home go.

Lilian told the court that she did not want to leave her matrimonial home but wanted the court to save her from the husband’s maltreatment.

Nwobodo urged the respondent’s younger brother and wife, Philip, to do their best and resolve the couple’s differences before the next sitting.

He adjourned the matters till May 28 for reports of the proposed settlement.

Source: NAN

Monday, 12 March 2018

How I Escaped From Desperate Female Fan Who Wanted To Force Me To Sleep With Her - IK Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna
IK Ogbonna is one act that’s taking the Nigerian movie space by storm. Known for his ability to interpret very diverse roles, the thespian emerges as one of the most sought after in the industry.

His role in Agatha Amata’s new flick, Disguise, where he plays a woman with polished fingernails, long brown eyelashes etc. attests to the fact that he embodies whatever part he’s given.

In this chat, Ogbonna talks about his career, success secrets, marriage and challenges of stardom, among other issues. Enjoy it.

You seem to be quite good at interpreting diverse roles. What is the secret?

At some point I was doing stereotypes, doing the bad boy, fine boy and playboy stuff. And when I get a script, I ask the director ‘is it possible for me to play a part I am unlikely to be seen playing?’ And if it is okay with him, I’ll give it a try. It helps me as an actor to be seen as an all-rounder. I don’t want to be boxed. I am happy I have played poor man, rich man, pastor, mad man and woman and I am looking forward to more. I like the challenges and I like the fact that it allows me to experience different characters.

You’re great in Disguise. How did you pull off your role?

I thank God and the producers for casting me for the role and also the makeup artist who did a great job transforming me into a lady. As an actor, I try to embody whatever character I am given. Thanks to the guidance from my director and the support of my co-actors. It was not all that challenging interpreting the role. However, the only hard part was rehearsing in those clothes, fixing my nails and eyelashes. I almost lost my fingernails in the process. All that was very challenging. The make up was crazy; sitting down in one place for 30 minutes to be made up was kind of crazy. But I am happy I went through the experience and all that.

You are always posting romantic pictures of you and your wife on social media. What exactly does she mean to you?

She is my wife, my life. The Bible says ‘he who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtaineth favour’. So, I think I have found a good thing. If I were to come back again, I would choose her all over again.

You have been married for a while. Is the romance getting better?

Through the years, it has been exciting but the truth is, marriage is not an easy place to be, and anyone who says it is easy is a liar.

You mean you guys do have issues?

We have our quarrels and every married couple does. For my wife and I, we make our relationship more as friends first before husband and wife. I am talking about friends who want to see each other happy. So, we go all out and try to make each other happy. We don’t believe in quarrelling over night, but all those moments will come because we are different human beings. But whatever happens, we have respect for each other.

When you have your fallouts, who apologises first?

There is no pride in our relationship. Like my wife would always say, ‘there is no right or a wrong, it is just two people seeing the same thing from different perspectives’. So, if I think mine is right and she feels hers is right, that situation is not wrong. It is just right from her perspective and right from my perspective, so we just carry on. However, if I do something that is obviously wrong, I don’t hesitate to apologise and vice versa.

You’ve been married for a while now and you only have a son, and in Africa we believe in having big families. What is happening?

I have a daughter already and I have a son from my wife now. I am a very busy person. I don’t spend enough time with my family as it is, so as an actor and a businessman, I am always on the go; sometimes I feel guilty because I feel I don’t give them the time they deserve. I don’t want to bring another child into the world and all the stress will be on my wife. So, as much as possible, I try to balance myself so that when the right time comes, I will know what to do. Right now, she is not under any pressure and I am not under any pressure; we are just enjoying our relationship.

Is your wife not putting pressure on you for another kid?

(Laughter) She wants a girl and is always sending me pictures of half-caste kids on instagram, and they are so cute and sometimes I am tempted, but at the right time it will happen. Right now, we are just enjoying our marriage.

What is the craziest thing a female fan has done to you?

A female fan almost r*ped me. It was crazy but the good thing for me is that I was at a friend’s place when she started making the moves, and I was recording everything she was doing. So, by the time she got to the point where she said she was going to shout and turn the tables around, I played back what she was doing and she had to slow down. I think that was the craziest thing a female fan ever did to me. Since then, I stopped getting too personal with my fans. I won’t have them come visit me or see me at a friend’s place and all that kind of stuff. I created a barrier.

You are always in the spotlight. Isn’t your wife jealous?

She is also in the spotlight. Every time we go for an event, she probably gets more attention than I do. More eyes are on her than me; so there is no pressure; she is used to it, very matured minded.

What advice do you have for youngsters looking up to you?

Pray to God, identify your true calling and follow it.

Source: Daily Sun


UNIBEN Final Year Student Commits Suicide

A final-year student of the University of Benin, Edo State simply identified as Adam, has committed suicide. Adams who was a 500-level student of the Department of Computer Engineering, was found dangling from the roof of his room at Ekosodin Community in Ovia North-East Local Government Area of the state on Thursday.

Before his death, Adams was said to have visited his department in the evening to submit an assignment after which he went back home. Some of his friends tried to contact him without success and then went to his house. They contacted his relatives who broke the door of his home and found his dangling corpse.

The institution’s Public Relations Officer, Michael Osasuyi, who confirmed the incident, said the student’s death came as a surprise to the university community.

“His father came to see him and that was how it was discovered that he hung himself. The information that got to us was that he was a bright student, a first-class material,” he said. 
His remains have been deposited in the University's morgue.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Prisons will be filled with bloggers if hate speech bill is passed – Shehu Sani

According to Sani, should the hate speech law be passed, prisons across the country will be filled with bloggers and critics of the government.

Senator Shehu Sani has made his thoughts about the ‘hate speech’ bill known to the public, the passage of the widely criticized Hate speech bill was sponsored by Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi of Niger State. According to Sani, should the hate speech law be passed, prisons across the country will be filled with bloggers and critics of the government.

Shehu Sani also said, in as much as there should be a fight against hate speech, it should not be turned into a fight against free speech. He stated that if this bill is passed, Tyranny and terror will become state policy and the politicians clamouring for the law to be passed should know they will not be in power forever.

He wrote on Facebook;

“Most people in Power are intolerant to criticism and allergic to dissent to be trusted with a capital punishment for Hate speech.The law against Hate speech will be used against free speech.
Many critics and social media enthusiasts will end up in the gallows.Our condemned cells in the prisons will be filled with bloggers, critics and perceived political opponents.
We must fight Hate speech, Hate speech is a real threat to peace, unity and order of a nation but we must protect free speech.
Free speech is the shield of the oppressed.When you have state police and you have capital punishment for Hate speech, you will have tyranny and terror as a state policy.People in power should think twice about what they do with power as someday they will be out of power.
A democratic state must balance its security exigencies with its constitutional obligations and moral duty to uphold the rule of law and respect fundamental rights of its citizens.If you are in public office and you don’t want to be criticized or challenged, please dismount and go back to your family where you can be an imperial emperor.”

This only shows that Nigeria Government is afraid of bloggers. I'll love to be among those bloggers who'll bring them down. Nonsense people

🎼 Lyrics: Check Out Ruqqi Cextus - Dansaki Lyrics

Ruqqi Cextus recently dropped a single titled DANSAKI. and the song is turning the Street upside down at the moment.

Here is the Lyrics to the banging Single .
Incase you haven’t get the music yet, check it out below and don’t forget to sing along with the Lyrics.

Listen & Download “Ruqqi Cextus  Dansaki” below:-


Now sing along with me.


[Intro] - Dansaki! Dansaki!! Dansaki!!!
Ahh nah nah nah eh eh eh
Ahh nah nah nah eh eh eh

[Chorus] - Gentle Boy Lemi, Mi i no be fighter
Awon temi kana gan Awon Bobby Shmurda
Shey bemi gangangan Leruku Makanaki
Anywhere I enter won pariwo DANSAKI
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Cover Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Murder Yin Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Gbeja Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Leja Toh Gbe Jonah Mi Oh

[Verse1] - Moti Faa Claro, Modeti High Oh
Ebami Pee Caro oh oh, Kowa Bamijo
I love the way you move, The Way You Just dey Bounce
I like the way you whyne am slow oh, bi eni to lo Trams
Ijo Lani Kejo, Te nlo Jogodo
Omo Lani Ke Toast, Te nlo Dengepose
Ashe tie Le, Ewa nlo Form Boss
Ebami woomoo to dangajia bi ti Amber Rose

[Chorus] - Gentle Boy Lemi, Mi i no be fighter
Awon temi kana gan Awon Bobby Shmurda
Shey bemi gangangan Leruku Makanaki
Anywhere I enter won pariwo DANSAKI
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Cover Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Murder Yin Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Gbeja Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Leja Toh Gbe Jonah Mi Oh

[Verse 2] - Malo Shey bi Goliath, Awon temi won maa Gun e Ngo LayaπŸ›Ά
Eh I'm The King For My Lane!!! Oya Call Me Messiah
Ero Oja Olowo Jalolo Jalolo, Awa Lomo Abule Sowo Oh, Abule Sowo... Cextus!!!
We Repping The Street, We Repping We Repping The Street
We Killing The Beast, Every Day & Night We Making The Heat πŸ”₯
Don't Cross My Lane, You Go Fall Yakata
OMO Tii Mo Gbe Lana Daa, Oti Fidi Yapata

[Chorus] - Gentle Boy Lemi, Mi i no be fighter
Awon temi kana gan Awon Bobby Shmurda
Shey bemi gangangan Leruku Makanaki
Anywhere I enter won pariwo DANSAKI
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Cover Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Murder Yin Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Gbeja Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Leja Toh Gbe Jonah Mi Oh

[Verse 3]- Shout Out Sawon Strong Goons Mii Wey Dey Feel My Pain
Eyan Tony Montana Lawa No Be Tony Pain
Awon Temi Won Kuti, Awon Eyan Fela Kuti
Mountain ⛰ Of Fire Nii Source Waa, No Be Christ Embassy
Jaa Joo oh Fine Girl, Hmmmm Fine Girl
African Ladies Jaa Joo, Jaa Joo Fine Girl
Jaa Joo oh Fine Girl, Hmmmm Fine Girl
African Ladies Jaa Joo, Jaa Joo Fine Girl

[Chorus] - Gentle Boy Lemi, Mi i no be fighter
Awon temi kana gan Awon Bobby Shmurda
Shey bemi gangangan Leruku Makanaki
Anywhere I enter won pariwo DANSAKI
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Cover Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Murder Yin Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Temi Gbeja Mi Oh
Shout Out Sawon Temi _ Awon Leja Toh Gbe Jonah Mi Oh

[Outro] - Ahahah Dansaki Ton Woo Kaki
Eni Toh Ba Binu Si Dansaki, Omah Takiti
Shout out Sawon ton Kii Waa Leyin, Tiwon Koo Fegun Sowo
Shout Out Sawon Too Fee Waa Loju Tiwon Koo Fata Senu
Shout Out Sawon Goons Mii Ton Maa Yaa Bomi Biti Hurricane
Shout Out Sawon African Ladies Ton ni Orin Mi Sweet Lenu Won Biti SugarCane
Thanks For The Inspiration
Thanks For The Motivation

Aish!!!!!! Aish!!!!!!! Aish!!!!!!!!!!

The End!!!

Monday, 5 March 2018

🎧 Music: Mayzy - Eleda Prod. By Chilly Ace

A2TW act Mayzy is a fast rising singer in the Afro pop genre.

He's out with his new single titled "Eleda" produced by fast rising music producer Chilly Ace.

IG: @iammayzy

Download and share below.


Sunday, 4 March 2018

🎧 Tizzer – Turn Up Prod. by 3DClassique

Sensational multi talented Nigerian Cyprus base Singer and Song writer Tizzer is back with a new banger after the release of is first song earlier this year titled EVERYTHING which gain lot of airplay and massive reception, Tizzer is back with another new song titled TURN UP which was produced by 3dclassic in preparation for Beyond Basic EP Album, Concert and Tour.

Download below and share...


Thursday, 1 March 2018

🎧 MUSIC : Hold Some’N – SoundBoy Chiif Ft Dj Cinch Prod By ZionzBeatz

 Following his recent first official single track Titled “Call Back”, The Nigerian based star continues to establish himself as a Force to reckon with. This is his latest club banger Hit Titled “Hold Some’N FT. Dj Cinch. An infectious Afro Sound with the effortless Vocal and rakish charm that is definitely going to make your playlist.

The club banger was Produced by Up and fast rising Music Producer ZionzBeatz

Download and Enjoy


Monday, 26 February 2018

🎧 Music: Ruqqi Cextus - Dansaki Prod. By Kollyb


 Fresh From Our Hub, We Present To You The US Base award winning multi talented song writer and dancer, Ruqqi Cextus. With his much anticipated song titled "DANSAKI" the young act has a melodious vocals and street lyrics as his music is punctuated throughout with elements of R’n’B, Hip Hop & Afro Pop. This song is extremely an Outstanding Hit, Good Sound, Standard & An Overwhelming Quality.

This Young Act Has achieved a lot been an Artiste, he released an EP of 6 tracks 4 years ago, he also released an ALBUM OF 22 TRACKS 2 YEARS AGO, He has featured some Nigerian Celebrities & also won so many awards to his name.

Big ups to the boss himself as he has been giving us hits back to back right from way back and the fire in US is up already for the vibe DANSAKI is about to bring us all.

Download, Ruqqi Cextus Dansaki Prod. By Kollyb below


Sunday, 25 February 2018

🎧 MIXTAPE: DJ Slimcious – Omo Ologo Mix

Days after YBNL boss, Olamide drops his recent hit track “Omo Ologo “, TGtrends Media team up with superstar DJ Slimcious to deliver this dope mix titled “Omo Ologo Mixtape“.

Intro (Omo Ologo)
1. Olamide – Omo Ologo
2. Kiss Daniel – No Do
3. Oritse Femi – Happy Day
4. Qdot – Apala New Skool
5. Kiss Daniel – Yeba
6. Zinwestta – Cinderella
7. Davido – FIA
8. Deek – Odogwu
9. Falz – Something Light
10. BBL Alafin – Wor
11. Reekado Banks Ft. Tiwa Savage – Like
12. Junior Boy – Prayer
13. Tiwa Savage Ft. Wizkid – Malo
14. Tiwa Savage – All Over
15. Olamide Ft. Davido – Summer Body
16. DJ Consequence Ft. Olamide – Assignment
17. Mr Real Ft. Slimcase x Idowest – Legbegbe
18. Idowest Ft. Slimcase – Omo Shepeteri
19. Oladips Ft. Reminisce – Lalakukulala
20. Adekunle Gold – Money
21. X Project – Lorile
22. Olamide – Science Student
23. Reekado Banks – Jeje
24. Reminisce – Ponmile
25. Jay Rapiano – Science Student (French Remix)
26. Olamide – Wo
27. Small Doctor – Penalty
28. 2nez Dot – Wo (Cover)
29. Reminisce – Problem
30. GeleGele
31. Xswitch – Who You Sabi
32. FlexB – Umbele
33. Small Doctor – This Year
34. Slimcase – Oshonzondi
35. 9ice – Living Thing
36. Oritse Femi – Aka N Bada
37. Qdot – Ijo Gbelede
38. Seriki Ft. Reminisce – Saka Maje
39. Wande Coal – Iskaba
40. Korede Bello – My People
41. Martins Feelz – Ju Dice
42. Timaya Ft. Olamide – Telli Person
43. Masterkraft Ft. Olamide – Oja
44. Reekado Banks – Ladies & Gentlemen

Listen, download & enjoy Omo Ologo Mix below;



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